We're so excited to launch our exclusive capsule collection with Bride and Winter in Dunedin.
We've designed 6 customisable dresses together and are so happy to share these
beautiful gowns with you worn here on the stunning Chloe.

Get in touch with Alana at Bride and Winter to view the collection
and book in for a consultation:

Bride and Winter
335 South Road, Caversham
Dunedin, New Zealand

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She's like the bubbles to champagne, fizzing with attitude but keeping it classy in the glass. Just like the champagne bottle her lace pops at the top and is sleek and full bodied at the bottom. Tilly, she's a bit of a sweetheart.


Lulu causes chaos, delightful and delirious chaos to all who gaze her way. Delicate and dainty but with sweet cheek all the same. Lulu, beautiful by name, beautiful by design, beautiful by nature.


This modern take on the Meghan Markle style wedding dress is classic and elegant fit with long sleeves complimented with a row of pearl buttons on the cuff and zip.


She's the sparkle that ignites the room. The twinkle that filters around sprinkling glittery love dust as she goes. Paige. She simply starts the party.


For the timeless bride with a raging streak of femininity. Halle’s silhouette is a classic, total sophistication and adorned with lace. A lace of your choice - yeah that's right - you choose the lace!

Halle in Lace


Flawless floral perfection. Full and fierce, Josie will have you float across any room. Whimsical and romantic, she’ll leave you and anyone in her way breathless.

Josie in lace