Hilleke and Ruwan

Opting for an intimate wedding in Italy, Hilleke and Ruwan tied the knot in utmost style. With the gorgeous Italian town of Positano as their backdrop, the two married on the terrace of Villa Magia’s Orchid Suite in the European Springtime earlier this year with their parents in attendance.

The details:

Location: Orchid Suite, Villa Magia, Positano, Italy
Bride's Gown: Custom Trish Peng
Bride's Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Hair: Villa Magia
Makeup: Bride's own
Jewellery: Oscar De La Renta
Groom's Attire: Gucci
Rings: Custom by Ron Avery
Bride's Fragrance: Black Afgano by Nasomatto
Groom's Fragrance:Bois d'Ascese by Naomi Goodsir
Photographer: Riccardo Cigno
Special Song: Chopin - Nocturne No.2 in E-flat Op. 9 No.2
Florist: Floragarden, Positano
Catering: Chef Luigi of Luna Restaurant, Villa Magia


How did you meet?
While we may have met at the gym, this wasn’t a cheesy scene from a 1980’s Rom-Com; our journey began with a witty exchange across my reception desk and a typically Gen-Y add on Instagram. A year and a half later, on our first overseas adventure together, dressed in our activewear as we’re on a morning walk, he’s down on one knee on Santa Monica Pier, an engagement ring in hand, leaving me totally speechless, and the whole occasion being documented by a group of very obliging, snap-happy tourists! All I remember him saying was “You knew this was coming!”


When and where did you get married?
Following much deliberation, we landed on doing something a bit more intimate when it came to our big day – a destination wedding, with just our parents in attendance. The simplification meant stress levels at an all-time low, and because the parents were there, it wasn’t quite a fully-fledged elopement. But the big question remained, where? Ru, being the surprising romantic that he is, suggested that there was only one place for us to scarper to – Italy. And as to where specifically, he suggested we B-line it for the pastel lined hillside of Positano. And we did. Come the 29th of May 2019, two years to the day since our moment on Santa Monica Pier, on the terrace of the Villa Magia’s Orchid Suite.

What was the theme/aesthetic of your big day?
We loved the thought of seasonal blooms and the pastel-coloured houses as a backdrop, so this is why we chose to get married during Spring in Italy. The Orchid Suite, as the name would suggest, had an abundance of orchids, jasmine, and a pergola strewn with at least a hundred lemons, this meant no decorating was needed!

What was the biggest source of inspiration while planning your wedding?
We liked the idea of a destination wedding, something small and intimate.

The most memorable moment from your day:
After the ceremony we made our way down the steep steps of Positano, a very old local gentleman was making his way ever so slowly up, he paused and turned to us announcing "Hanno Molti Bambini!" (Have lots of babies). Walking through the town was another very memorable moment, locals came out onto the streets and congratulated us with applause.

We honeymooned in:

Did you always have an idea in mind of what you wanted your dress to look like?
I went into my consultation with little knowledge of how technical a dress really was and had no idea what I wanted. During our first consult, Trish helped me narrow down my ideas and put to rest my indecision. She sketched a beautiful drawing of the dress right in front of me which helped to envision it.
Trish and I met regularly to make adjustments and alterations, she was very patient with me, especially when it came to choosing the material for my dress, this was the hardest part!

Sophie Chan Andreassend