Ruby and Matt

Ruby & Matt tied the knot at the stunning Kauri Bay Boomrock, located just outside of Auckland.

Opting for a 3-piece Wedding outfit of a bodysuit, pants and skirt, Ruby looked absolutely incredible on her big day.

The Details

Location & Catering: Kauri Bay Boomrock
Bride's gowns: Trish Peng
Hair: The Hair Co
Makeup: Simone Anderson
Groom’s & Groomsmen Attire: Hallensteins
Bridesmaid's Dresses: Custom-made by Sarah Stoute
Rings: The Diamond Co
Photographer: Rambo Estrada
Videographer: Le Roex Media
Flowers: Wildy Madly Deeply

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How did you meet?

We met at an event that I was working at. He was a guest and he bought me a drink to say thank you for letting him in (I was just doing my job haha). We chatted for a while and caught up the next day again for a coffee on the beach. And just like that, we stuck to each other like glue from that moment on.

When and where did you get married?
We got married at Kauri Bay Boomrock, 11th May 2019.

What was the theme/aesthetic of your big day?
We wanted something different and modern. We worked with the idea of 'industrial chic'. Minimalistic shapes made of metal and wire softened with pink and white flowers. 

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What was the biggest source of inspiration while planning your wedding?
Pinterest was a starting point for us but because we wanted something different, it was hard to find pictures of what we were trying to do. We decided to not work with a wedding stylist as we kept getting sent 'wedding' options.

We wanted to use every day items and incorporate them to the decorations so that we could use them again later so did all the styling ourselves. Apart from the flowers (Debby was amazing and spent hours playing with my ideas), we did everything ourselves. Our bar leaners were made of coffee tables stacked and tied together, our table decorations were wall hangings, our bouquets were photo frames. Sounds weird but it worked haha!

The most memorable moment from your day:
We did our first look at the villa where we were getting ready. Most of our wedding photos were done here too and before we all had to jump into action for the ceremony, there was about 30 minutes of down time. Matt and his boys, and me and my girls all sat in the sun around a platter with some bubbles. It helped us relax, take it all in and appreciate what a special day it was surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

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The biggest hit on the dance floor was:

Marc Moore absolutely killed it! It was banger after banger. I honestly couldn't pick one song that stood out because the dance-floor was buzzing the whole time!

We honeymooned in:
Fiji at the Marriott Momi Bay resort. Can not recommend this place enough! Get a lagoon side duplex for 4 nights. It is an absolute dream!

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Did you always have an idea in mind of what you wanted your dress to look like?
I thought I knew what I wanted but after trying on a few dresses, I realised that I wanted something completely different and unexpected and choosing an off the rack dress just wasn't going to cut it, I needed custom made.

The idea of pants and an overskirt came to me when I was trying a princess dress on. I had white jeans on underneath and as I was pulling the skirt up to take my jeans off, I caught a glimpse of the pants and skirt together. Right there and then I knew this was the look I wanted. Trish took this idea and completely embraced it.

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