Simone Anderson

We're so excited to announce that Simone Anderson will be wearing custom Trish Peng for her wedding!

We’ll be sharing the step by step process of designing her dress through to the fittings. Follow Simone’s journey over at @simone_anderson!


What are you most looking forward to in the planning process?
I have always dreamt of the entire wedding planning process. By nature I love organising and planning events for my friends so this is very similar just on a much bigger more fabulous scale! I’m super organised and have great time management so can’t wait to put these skills to great use.

How do you plan on decompressing and getting ready for the big day? 

I want the process to be fun and enjoyable so my motto is going to be not to stress the small stuff. At the end of the day, it’s a celebration of our love and that’s what I want to focus on.


What has been your favourite experience so far as a bride? 

Trying on wedding dresses, it truly made the whole process feel real. I felt so beautiful in each dress and it made all the emotions flood to the surface.

What has been your biggest source of inspiration while planning your wedding?
Being a hair and makeup artist I have been pretty much every single style and type of wedding you can imagine. Over the years I have taken mental notes of the elements that have stood out the most so this would definitely be my biggest source of inspiration.

The one song that must be played on the dance floor?
Have a little faith in me, it’s the song Trent played and sung on the piano to me just after he proposed and it has such a special meaning to us. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and dance the night away with my HUSBAND!

When and where is your honeymoon? 
We are actually not sure if we want to do a honeymoon maybe a few days somewhere remote in NZ but we are trying to save for our first home so will use the money towards this instead!

Have you always had an idea in mind of what you wanted your dress to look like?
Over the past few years I have had my heart set on one style of wedding dress so yes, I’m a girl who knows what she wants! (And has picked the best of the best to design it for me.)