Something Old to Something New

Erica Lee

Trish had the most incredible opportunity to transform Erica's Mother's wedding dress to something just a wee bit more modern for her. We utilised every part of the original dress (even the sleeves!) 

IMG_0218 3.JPG
IMG_0197 2.PNG
“Same wedding dress, 30 years later 💕 // After shopping at several bridal boutiques, I realized that while there were plenty of pretty dresses, I was never going to have that “bridal moment” when I knew that a dress was my dress. That’s when I made the decision to wear my mom’s wedding dress (updated of course).
I couldn’t have found a more perfect dress for my wedding day than my mom’s! It was such a special experience for My Mom and I to share and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.
Thank you so much for the amazing transformation Trish.
Who knows, maybe one of these days, my future daughter will wear this dress on her wedding day too!”
— Erica Lee
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Photos by Jen and Shane Photography