“WOW! Trish has blown me away with her dress designing skills and I will be forever grateful for having Trish make my dress! I was one of those brides who went to shop after shop, searched online, and even looked at going overseas to purchase my “dream dress” when my friend told me Trish was in town for the weekend and doing consultations. From my first consultation I knew Trish was going to do an amazing job! She has an eye for detail and fashion and steers you in the right direction if you suggest something that she knows isn’t going to work.

On my wedding day nearly every single guest commented on how much they loved my dress and my Husband had to look away to stop himself from tearing up he was that blown away. It really was the best decision i have ever made. It was absolutely perfect!”

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“Trish made me my dream dress for my wedding. She listened to every idea I had (there were many) and patiently helped my ideas become a reality. She is so friendly and professional and makes you feel really special! I still to this day get positive comments about my dress and would recommend her to anyone getting married. Thanks so much Trish!”



“Trish and her team were an absolute dream to work with. From day one she made the process so easy and it was SO much fun! Her designs are incredible and she was able to bring my dream dress to life. I can't recommend Trish highly enough!”


“As a young girl you dream about this magical day and the beautiful dress you’re going to wear, and then you grow up and you realise that all those ideas and dreams are to overwhelming that you don't even know where to start or begin!? If there was ever a time I needed a help line it was now and that helpline was 0800 TRISH PENG.

Trish was the voice of encouragement when I wasn't confident in what I wanted, she was the voice of reason when I was in decisive, she had the perfect eye for details when I couldn't see it, and she was the beautiful woman that made that little girls dreams and wishes of her beautiful dress come true. Making a task that could somewhat be an anxious job for brides, Trish makes it 100% more enjoyable, sweeter and dreamier which is the perfect combo when you’re planning a 100 other things for your big day. I couldn't recommend anymore more talented and skilled than Trish and her team for designing your perfect dress.”


“Trish Peng and her team are just delightful to work with. Trish is so genuine and cool and really listened to what I wanted. She gave her honest opinions and made the most beautiful dress for me on my wedding day. She’s so innovative with her designs yet kept it chic and timeless.

Trish's dresses are designed so that it is so easy to wear and maintain on your wedding day - which means one less thing to worry about on the day. Her team was really friendly, professional and made this often stressful part of the wedding process such an enjoyable experience. Really enjoyed working with Trish and her team. Thank you so much for this experience!”


“From the moment I was lucky enough to meet Trish at her LA Showroom, I knew I would wear one of her gowns on my wedding day.

Welcomed with a bottle of pink champagne and cuddles from her puppy, we designed the dress of my dreams that day. With her amazing communication, design talent and trustworthy NZ based team I was able to have complete faith that I would feel beautiful on my wedding day.”


“Thank you so much for all your help leading up to our special day. My dress was an absolute dream to wear and I could not have been happier! James was totally blown away. We will forever be grateful!”



“After struggling to find the designer I wanted to work with on a dress for our Spanish Wedding Fiesta, a fortunate stroke of serendipity brought Trish to our engagement party where we started chatting and formed an instant connection. From our first meeting at her stunning Auckland studio, she interpreted what I was looking for and selected the most exquisite lace for the design. Working with her team on the construction of the dress was an absolute dream.

My finished three pieces were absolute perfection and I cannot recommend Trish highly enough. To whomever is about to go on this fantastic journey with Trish and her team - make sure to enjoy each and every minute.”


“I loved working with Trish and her team. They took such good care of me and I had nothing to worry about up until my wedding day!

I felt like I was getting my dress made by a close friend. I felt so beautiful in my dress but my friends and family are still talking about my gown almost a month later! Trish & her team made me feel like I was the most important person to walk into her studio. If she wasn't there physically, she would advise me that she will be tuning in via web cam. I loved the experience and I would relive it all over again just to be treated like royalty by Trish. There is no other person I would recommend but the lovely and beautiful Trish Peng to future brides! Thank you so much Trish.”



“I couldn't be happier with my stunning wedding dress designed by Trish. Trish was a dream to work with, she was so patient, listened to my ideas and with her expertise helped me create my dream dress. I highly recommend Trish to all, her work is exquisite.”