Step 1: Consultation 

The Process begins with champagne and a one-on-one consultation with Trish!

During the consultation, Trish gets to know and understand the Bride’s vision.

Then, Trish sketches and discusses potential ideas for silhouettes with the Bride.

Finally, Trish measures the Bride.


Step 2: Fabrics / Artwork

Sourcing Fabrics

The Atelier then starts to source the perfect

fabrics and trims from all over the world.


Full custom

Trish and her team with materialise the beading onto paper to contour your body. It is then hand beaded or

embroidered to your measurements


Step 3: Mock up & Fittings

Mockup & Fittings

The Atelier works in synergy with Trish.

Initially, The Atelier creates a toilé mockup for the Bride.

Once the Bride approves the fit of the mockup and the fabric, The Atelier begins the real gown.

Trish and the Atelier pay full attention to the gown. Using their attention to detail, and mastery of fit, The

Atelier hand sews the gown to your measurements.

There are 3-5 fittings on a case-by-case basis.

We do this to guarantee the perfect fit.


Step 4: Final Fitting

At the final fitting, Trish and the Atelier send the Bride off with her dream gown, the original sketch, and a

goodie bag from our preferred partners.



Some FAQ

-All of our gowns are made in US and New Zealand respectively

-Our sample size gowns are size 14

-Please do not wear self tanner the day of your consultation

Our process below: